This is small collection of fluid (viscous/gelatinous consistency) that is often related to an abnormality in a nearby joint or ligament, as some abnormal tissue wears out and is broken down by the body the resulting collection is what is called a ganglion.

They appear as smooth swellings that may vary in size depending on activity level. They may be completely pain-free, or they may cause a variable amount of discomfort or pain depending on their location in the body.

They most commonly occur around the wrist joint, but can occur near other joints.
Most come to attention because they may cause discomfort or pressure symptoms, and some may be a cosmetic issue.

Dr Ihsheish will make a thorough assessment, and discuss the relevant management options. There are different options, but ganglions requiring treatment are most reliably managed by surgical removal, as that is associated with the smallest chance of recurrence.