Avascular necrosis (AVN)

This term, abbreviated to 'AVN',  literally means ‘death (of a bone part) due to loss of vascular supply’

AVN can involve any of a number of bones in the body.

AVN results in loss of viability of the affected bone, this in turn causes pain for the patient, and if the bone collapses or loses its normal shape this can result in joint stiffness and deformity.

Although there are a number of well recognised risk factors for this condition, in most cases no clear cause can be identified and this is termed 'idiopathic avascular necrosis', and most importantly it must be recognised and adequately managed by your doctor.

The principles of managing AVN are to control the symptoms (pain, stiffness), preserve the affected bone to prevent joint collapse and further loss of function, or replace the affected joint in more advanced cases.

Dr Ihsheish will be able to make a thorough clinical and radiological assessment of your condition, and discuss the most appropriate management plan accordingly. It imporntant to recognise that a timely diagnosis allows your surgeon to prevent as much dysfunction as possible.