The term osteotomy refers to a surgical procedure to realign a particular bone. An example of this is the relatively common ‘high tibial osteotomy’, here the tibia bone is surgically divided and re-aligned to correcte a deformity  that is identified in the leg, usually it is fixed with surgical devices to hold it in place until the new bone grows into the divide.

An osteotomy is aimed at correcting the mechanics of the limb, and thereby improving function or reducing pain that may occur from abnormal limb alignment and joint wear. These are technically complex operations that require detailed pre operative clinical and radiologicaly assessment and planning, and Dr Ihsheish can discuss the relevant detailed with you.

Most osteotomies will require you to stay in hospital one night, and then the affected limb will need to be rested to some extent until it heals, this may take several weeks using crutches (for a leg) or a sling (for an arm). Dr Ihsheish will discuss with you the operation, including the expected recovery and associated risks.